Tyre Puncture Repair – The Right Way

Sometimes it’s unavoidable, a tyre will get a puncture in it. The question is how do you fix it? There are two main ways to repair a puncture in a car tyre, but like most things in life the two are not created equal. We’ll explain both methods here, as well as letting you know which method we use here at Discount Tyres and Automotive, and why.


How To Repair A Tyre Puncture – The Quick Way

Tyre puncture repairThe first way to repair a punctured tyre is to use what is called a stinger, or liquorice strip – so called because that’s what it looks like. This is a simple process that enables the technician to leave the tyre on the rim, drill the hole out, and then push the stinger into the hole where it will expand and stick.

We do not recommend this method for tyre puncture repair due to it being classified as a “Temporary Repair” by the Motors And Transport Association. Worse than that, there is also the possibility that the stinger could let go. The results of this happening, particularly if you happen to be on the freeway at the time, can be very bad.


How To Repair A Tyre Puncture – Our Way

The second way to repair a punctured tyre – and the way we do it – is to remove the tyre from the rim, drill out the hole as before, and then to buff down the inside of the tyre so that there is a completely smooth surface. Once this is done we clean the tyre thoroughly to ensure a perfect surface for the next stages of the process.

A vulcanising agent is then applied and then left to dry. This agent is used to ensure that the tyre and the patch that will be applied will stick to each other very firmly. Once it has dried sufficiently, the patch – that also has a plug attached – is placed in and over the hole and wheel, and firmly pressed onto the tyre using a special metal wheel.

This would then be sufficient to complete the process, but we like to be doubly sure we’re doing the best job possible here at Discount Tyres and Automotive. So as an added precaution we also then apply a bead sealer all over the patch. This ensures that there simply cannot be any air leaks at all.

There is no way that you will have any further problems with this tyre if this process is followed, because you are left then with a patch on the inside and a plug in the hole.


When Will A Tyre Puncture Repair Not Work?

A tyre cannot be repaired if the hole is too close to the sidewall or “shoulder” of it. This is because there is no way that the integrity of the tyre can be ensured.

At Discount Tyres and Automotive we are very firm in our belief that if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing right. We don’t believe in doing anything less than the best. This is how we treat each other, our family, our friends and all of our customers.

If you have any questions at all on this, or if you find yourself with a punctured tyre at any time, please feel free to give us a call 4353 2848.