Regular Service Saves Lives

Fix tyresSometimes it’s easy to miss things that are not right on your car as they gradually become worse over a lengthy period of time. During this time we adapt and get used to the problem and consider it “normal”.  Part of the benefit of having your car serviced regularly is that not only are you looking after your vehicle as per the recommended guidelines, but you also have a fresh set of qualified eyes checking it over.

The inner edge wear on these tyres was at a very dangerous point.  They could have let go at any time as they were down to the canvas inside the tyre. This is very hard to spot from a customer’s point of view as they see only the outer edge, which as you can see in this image looks fine! However note the shape of the inside of the tyre and you can see how close this was to potentially causing an accident!Regular service saves lives

It’s only when you have a car up on a hoist and get under it for a really good look that things such as oil leaks, tyre wear and suspension issues become very apparent.

In this case a regular service probably resulted in this person not having an accident. Please make sure you book in your services regularly for the safety and well-being of yourself, your family and everyone else on the road. 

Call 4353 2848 to book your service in at our Tuggerah workshop, or 4358 8298 for Lake Munmorah. See you soon.