Nitrogen In Tyres

NItrogen in tyresAt Discount Tyres and Automotive we are proud owners of one of the few nitrogen generating machines on the Central Coast NSW. As such we can provide you with nitrogen filled tyres for far less than other tyre retailers who have to purchase their nitrogen in bottles.

Furthermore, if we provide you with nitrogen filled tyres we’ll be very happy to check your tyre pressures for you each month FREE of charge – just pop by any time we’re open at your convenience (no appointment needed). This will ensure you can gain the maximum use possible from your tyres.


Why Use Nitrogen In Tyres?

You may have noticed more and more cars going around with different coloured caps on their tyres. Chances are that these cars are running nitrogen instead of air in their tyres.

There are some huge advantages to using nitrogen filled tyres:

  • It significantly improves the life of your tyres. This is due to the fact that one of the biggest reasons for premature wear of a tyre is under-inflation. If your tyre is under-inflated by just 5psi it can reduce the life of the tyres by 25%
  • It improves fuel efficiency by an average of 5%. This adds up nicely over the lifespan of a tyre
  • 90% of all tyre failures are caused by under inflation of tyres – so there’s one less problem to worry about
  • You don’t have to check the air pressure in your tyres
  • Tyres that are under inflated by just 5% will compromise the stability of the vehicle, increase your braking distances and impair the handling of the vehicle, especially in the wet.

Sad fact is that 85% of all cars in Australia have at least one under inflated tyre at any given time.


What’s Wrong With Air In Your Tyres?

Air is made up of approximately 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, and 1% of other gases. The oxygen proportion of this mixture results in a couple of shortfalls.

Firstly, its molecules are very small which allow it to more easily permeate the tyres. This affects the inflation of the tyre. It’s also highly corrosive to some of the compounds used in the manufacturing of tyres.

It is known that oxygen leaks from your tyres at a rate of about 2psi per month. This is significant when you think that this represents an 8% drop in tyre pressure!

In contrast, nitrogen has larger particles that stop the loss of pressure and are less affected by variances in temperature. This means all of the undesirable effects mentioned above are no longer an issue.


Wheel Alignment

Regardless of having nitrogen filled tyres, always bear in mind that wheel alignment is also critical to tyre wear. Ask us to check that also when you get your new tyres – click here for more information.

We look forward to providing you with nitrogen filled tyres on your next visit. For the reasons above these provide MUCH better value for money than standard tyres as they’ll last a whole lot longer. Just give us a call on 4353 2848 and we’ll see you soon!


*Nitrogen available only from our North Wyong workshop