New Car Warranty

Most new car owners know the pain of getting their new car serviced at the dealer “just to keep their warranty”. The fact is that some dealers can tend to make you believe that this is a MUST and they’ve been known to put considerable pressure on drivers.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission sees it a little differently.

The ACCC have confirmed that you can get your car serviced by someone other than the business or authorized agent of the business that sold you the car, without voiding the new car warranty. There are certain conditions though that must be met.


Conditions For Keeping New Car Warranty Valid

In order to keep your car warranty valid you are required to ensure servicing is carried out:

  • By qualified staff
  • According to the manufacturer’s specifications
  • Using appropriate quality parts where required

Providing these conditions are met, you now have the power to shop smart and save money.


How We Can Help

We are very happy to let you know that here at Discount Tyres and Automotive we only use quality parts, such as:

  • Ryco filters
  • Repsol Oil
  • Penray Cleaners
  • Monroe shocks
  • Bendix brakes, and
  • Nolathane bushes

This means that when you get your car serviced with us you can rest assured that you are using parts and tradesmen that will ensure that your new car warranty remains valid – and at a much lesser cost to you.