Car Tyres

Car tyres are one of the most important safety features on your vehicle, yet very few people seem to look after them well. We see so many people come in with tyres that should have lasted a lot longer but didn’t due to poor wheel alignment, poor tyre pressure or not rotating them regularly.

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How Often Should I Change My Tyres?

A lot of people ask us how often their tyres need to be changed, and unfortunately there is no black-and-white answer to this. It depends on how you drive, the kilometers that you travel and the vehicle that you drive. You will definitely get more life out of nitrogen filled tyres. Here are a couple of rules of thumb to get the most out of your tyres.


Get a Wheel Alignment

When you get a new set of tyres (or even a pair) have our mechanics check to see if you need a wheel alignment. If need be pay the extra to get it done as this will save you money in the long run. With the number of potholes commonly around the Central Coast it does not take much to put your wheels out of line. Even if you just hit a curb gently, without a wheel alignment you are starting to put undue wear and tear onto your tyres as soon as you drive out of the workshop.

If you do hit a curb or pothole hard (and don’t worry, it happens to the best of us at one time or another!) then just ask us to check it out for you as soon as possible, as this can damage more than just your wheel alignment. We are happy to complete this quick vehicle check free of charge so please take us up on the offer for your own safety and wellbeing.


Check Your Tyre Pressure Car tyres wheel alignment

Maintaining the correct tyre pressure is vital to the longevity of your tyres. If your tyre pressure is too high your tyres will wear too quickly in the middle. Conversly if your tyre pressure is too low your tyres will wear out before their time is up on the edges.

The pressure in each of your car tyres should ideally be checked every fortnight. One way to make your life easier and extend the life of your tyres is to ask us to fill your tyres with nitrogen rather than air – in which case there is no need to check the pressure fortnightly. We are happy to do this for you at a very minimal cost, and can then check them again whenever you’re driving past our way free of charge.

Please note: At Discount Tyres and Automotive we recommend the use of nitrogen in your car tyres.  We are just one of very few auto-repairers on the Central Coast to have a nitrogen generator on site.

Nitrogen molecules are larger then air molecules and react less to temperature change. Both of these factors help to stop the premature loss of pressure in car tyres and will thus end up saving you money.


Rotate Your Car Tyres

Rotation of car tyres is also an important factor in the longevity of each tyre. Especially in an area like the Central Coast where there are so many roundabouts, the front passenger side tyre is put under a lot more pressure and wear-and-tear than the front driver side one. A tyre rotation does not take long and costs very little so please come in and get the mechanics to do it for you. As an added bonus they will also give your car a quick once over while they are at it and let you know if there are any other issues you may need to be concerned with.


Marshal car tyresTyre Brands Available

At Discount Tyres and Automotive we recognise that one brand of tyre does not fit all, and as such we carry several brands of tyres. We are proud suppliers of Kumho and Marshal tyres as well as Bridgestone, Rotala and many other brands. If we don’t have the tyres you need in stock we can usually get them in the next day or soon after. Please call us a few days in advance so that we can be sure to accommodate your needs.


At Discount Tyres and Automotive we genuinely care about the safety of our customers so please feel free to give us a call on 4353 2848 (North Wyong), 4358 8298 (Lake Munmorah) or 4336 0020 (Forresters Beach) to book in a free safety check.