What Is Brake Rotor Machining and Why Should You Do It?

Your brake rotors are the part of the car where the brake pads engage to stop your vehicle. It’s a great idea to have these machined every time you change your brake pads. They can have grooves in them or even be a tiny bit warped, and this has a very detrimental affect not only on your braking ability, but also on your new pads.

The machining removes any warping in the rotors, and provides a clean fresh surface for your pads to “bed in”. This will also prolong the life of the new brake pads, and will eliminate the chance of “pad squeal” when new pads are fitted.

Imagine how you’d feel if you were in an accident where someone gets hurt because your brakes are not up to the task? It’s so much worse to even contemplate when this situation can so easily be avoided. We don’t want to see anyone in this position.

Your brake pads should be checked during every service, but don’t wait if you think there might be a problem. Your brakes should be checked immediately if:

  • You are feeling a shudder when braking
  • The vehicle pulls one way or the other under braking
  • The brakes just don’t seem to be as good as you would like, or
  • The brake pads squeal whilst braking

In any of these instances, for your personal safety and well-being, not to mention peace of mind, please bring your car in straight away to have it checked out. Better to overreact (worst case scenario, we send you home without doing anything) than to take a risk when it comes to not only your own personal safety, but also that of your family and other drivers.

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